Main author

C-BGP is written and maintained by Bruno Quoitin within the Networking Lab, Computer Science Department at University of Mons (UMONS), in Belgium.


  • Bruno Quoitin (UMONS, Belgium) is the main author.
  • Virginie Van den Schrieke (UCL, Belgium) is currently implementing a model of HLP in C-BGP.
  • Sebastien Tandel (UCL, Belgium) wrote the initial Python module that interfaces with C-BGP and contributed to the integration within the TOTEM toolbox (loading XML topologies). He also improved the BGP filters by adding route-maps and regular expressions on AS-Paths. He worked on building a C-BGP model of a large transit network (more). In addition, he is investigating forwarding deflection that may occur due to route-reflection.
  • Stefano Iasi (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) worked on an OSPF model for C-BGP that supports multiple areas and Equal-Cost Multiple Paths (ECMP). He also investigated the forwarding deflection that may occur in OSPF networks.
  • Cedric de Launois (UCL, Belgium) helped writing the initial autoconf/automake scripts.


The authors are grateful for the numerous comments and advices provided by the following persons: Cristel Pelsser, Steve Uhlig, Olivier Bonaventure (UCL, Belgium), Olivier Delcourt, Simon Balon, Jean Lepropre, Gael Monfort, Fabian Skivée and Guy Leduc (ULg, Belgium), Wolfgang Mühlbauer, Olaf Maennel and Anja Feldmann (TUM, Germany), Gregory Culpin, Chris Erway (Brown University, USA), Ricardo Oliveira (UCLA, USA), Wang Lijun (Tsinghua University, China), Joseph Emeras (LIRMM, France), Marco Ruffini (University of Dublin, Ireland), Didier Bousser (WANDL), Tomasz Szewczyk (PSNC, Poland), Tim Griffin (University of Cambridge), Stefano Secci (ENST, Paris), Selin Cerav-Erbas, Jean-François Paque, Nicolas Fournier, Tarek Guerniche, Nick Feamster (Georgia Tech, USA), Amir H Rasti (U. of Oregon, USA), Arnaud Coomans (UCL, Belgium), Adhy S. Bramantyo (ITB, Indonesia), Andrea di Menna and Luca Cittadini (Universita Roma Tre, Italy), Jürgen Schönwälder (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany), Thomas Telkamp (Cariden), Jong Han Park (UCLA). The authors would also like to thank Vincent Letocart for discussions about C programming. We are also grateful to Dan Ardelean for his libbgpdump library.

We are also grateful to Aaron Ganschow for designing and publishing the template used in this web site (his work is available from the Open Source Web Design site). Thanks to Pierre Reinbold for his advices on improving the web site's appearance. Some of the icons used on this web site were borrowed from Joseph North's collection.


This work was supported by the European Commission within the ATRIUM project and is now being continued under the WIST TOTEM project. This work is also partly supported by the European Commission within the E-Next Network of Excellence.